We Paint the Colors of the World: Burakhan Marble’s Export Markets

Inspired by the natural stone richness of Denizli, Burakhan Marble is a well-established company operating in marble quarry management, marble processing and marble marketing since 1994. Burakhan Marble, which has a wide range of products such as beige marble, travertine, onyx marble and granite, is a pioneer in the sector with an annual production capacity of 200,000 m².

Burakhan Marble has a wide customer base not only in Turkey but also worldwide. The company exports its products to more than 20 countries on 5 continents.

Burakhan Marble’s Export Markets:

USA: Countries such as the United States of America, Canada and Brazil are among the most important export markets of Burakhan Marble. Especially beige marble and travertine attract great interest in these markets.
Europe: Europe is the continent where Burakhan Marble exports the most. Countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Italy, England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain are the most important European markets of the company. Demand for all product groups of beige marble, travertine, onyx marble and granite is high in these markets.
Other Regions: Burakhan Marble also operates in countries such as Australia, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Switzerland, Argentina, Ecuador and South Africa. In these markets, beige marble and travertine are the prominent products.

Reasons of Countries Preferring Burakhan Marble:

Quality Products: Burakhan Marble manufactures using the highest quality raw materials. The products are meticulously controlled at every stage and presented to customers in the best way.
Wide Product Range: Burakhan Marble has a wide range of products that can appeal to every taste and need. It offers different types of natural stones such as beige marble, travertine, onyx marble and granite in different colors and textures.
Competitive Prices: Burakhan Marble offers high quality products at competitive prices.
Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction comes first for Burakhan Marble. It always tries to offer innovative solutions to meet the needs and demands of customers in the best way.

We Color the World with Burakhan Marble:

Burakhan Marble continues to beautify living spaces in every corner of the world by combining the beauty and functionality of natural stones. With its quality products, wide product range, competitive prices and customer satisfaction-oriented service, Burakhan Marble will be the right address for your natural stone selection.

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