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Natural stones, one of the most beautiful and functional materials offered to us by nature, have been used in construction and decoration for centuries. Natural stones with different colors, textures and properties appeal to every taste and need.

Beige Marble: An ideal choice for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, beige marble stands out with its light beige tones and elegant veins. You can choose beige marble to achieve a luxurious and sophisticated look in your home or workplace.

Travertine: Travertine, which has a natural and elegant appearance, is available in beige, cream and brown tones. Travertine, which is widely used in bathrooms, kitchens and flooring, also has the advantage of being water resistant and easy to clean.

Onyx Marble: Onyx marble, which stands out with its light transmittance, is ideal for creating stylish and modern environments. Creating an eye-catching effect in decoration and lighting, onyx marble can be used in wall coverings, countertops and lighting elements.

Granite: A durable and long-lasting stone, granite is preferred for kitchen countertops, flooring and exteriors. Available in different colors and textures, granite offers a wide range that can adapt to any decoration.

Quality Natural Stones at Burakhan Marble:

Burakhan Marble offers a wide range of different types of natural stones such as beige marble, travertine, onyx marble and granite. With its quality and durable products, expert team and customer satisfaction-oriented service, Burakhan Marble will be the right address for your natural stone selection.